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As one of the leading agencies offering web design in kettering. Laika digital specialises in developing responsive bespoke websites that help you and your business get found online. 

Our comprehensive web design in kettering services are structured to help every client meet their online marketing objectives, So whether you’re looking for a simple brochure website, a more complex custom build, or even a beautiful e-commerce website, we’re here to help. 

At Laika Digital, we have years of experience  in the web design space in kettering, and our primary focus is to help you and your business define and realise its vision.

What we do | Web Design in Kettering

As a top-rated web design service provider based in Kettering, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality websites, and taking an individual approach with each project. Laika Digital strives to create a bespoke web design that can help drive conversions and improve user-experience.

We’re aware that a stand-out web design in Kettering requires a unique perspective to help you stand out from the crowd. User experience is of utmost importance when it comes to generating high-quality leads from your website. Our design expertise goes beyond this, to ensure that you also generate measurable outcomes and conversions once the website has launched. If you are looking for a website design Kettering service provider to partner with, Laika Digital are here to help.

Complementary services

Speed, Security and Usability

Web Design in Kettering | Laika DigitalA good website design in Kettering should make a significant difference to your organisation. A website should work hard for you and your business, not just sit in the background as a way for clients to double check your address. With Laika Digital, expect highly optimised ecommerce websites with the help of the most popular cutting-edge content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. We are a modern web design agency with action-driven marketing strategies that actually work. We offer a few other complementary services including web maintenance, web hosting and local SEO that will also help you keep your business online and without issues.

As a progressive agency we are also aware of the looming cybersecurity issues, with hackers inventing new ways of accessing websites and harvesting or compromising sensitive data. Our website maintenance packages offer all the protection you need, you will get regular security checks, regular virus scans, enhanced security features and daily backups to ensure that the bad guys find it hard to infiltrate your site. We also understand that some CMS systems can be a little data intensive. That’s why we install a premium speed plugin on every website that we build.

Why Choose Laika Digital Web Design in Kettering?

Laika digital is the leading web design in Kettering service provider. We develop and design all projects from the ground up with no wordpress themes in sight .\ We don’t just stop there; we also offer all our customers a full website setup coupled with management services, such as the registration of the domain name and web maintenance & hosting.

Our focus is to help you create a strong brand that will resonate with your audience all over Northampton and beyond. Give us a chance to bring out the perfection of your site. We have demonstrated an innovative way of offering reasonable prices and removing unnecessary costs. Please, explore our 3 most popular website design packages along with their benefits and services provided to make your best pick.

We shall be happy to create a customised quote for you if the packages do not work for you. If you are looking for a reliable and result-oriented web design in Kettering, feel free to contact us. We shall work with you to research your concept and build a unique stunning design that will make your website stand out from the crowd. 


Although all of our website quotes are tailored to your requirements, our pricing starts at £995 for a 5-page brochure site. Get in touch today to find out more.

Once your new website is live and the final payment has been made, additional changes are charged at a rate of £40 per hour. We reccommend signing up to our monthly maintenance service which starts at £30 per month. This includes ongoing updates, daily backups, security features, premium speed plugins and even some time to keep your site up to date with new content and images.

The world wide web is host to an  estimated 1.3 billion WordPress websites. This is great news! As the most popular CMS in the world, it’s also the most heavily supported. As an open-source CMS there are tens of thousands of developers worldwide developing new features, support and plugins that can help improve your website and it’s user-exerience. What this means for you is cheaper development costs as if you’ve thought of it, someone has probably built it already, all we need to do is find the right solution and install it for you.

Website Hosting is where your website files and database are stored. You cannot have a website without website hosting. We run our own Virtual Private Server with great resources, meaning your website is up and in front of the customers 99.9% of the time, with only a 0.01% downtime for maintenance and updates. Our hosting services start at £120 per year and come with a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt.

There are hundreds of ways to access a website nowadays. Users utilise a  wide variety of devices from Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets, Phones of all shapes and sizes to access your website. 

A responsive web design in kettering is a way of developing a website that works across the widest range of devices and screen sizes. We develop the website once with additional code that allows the website to responsively adjust layout depending on the device it’s being displayed on. It’s also the most cost-effective and lowest maintenance way of getting seen on all devices.

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