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Unique, captivating design that won’t blow the budget

Now more than ever, you need to make the most of your business’ budget. But at the same time, when it comes to your website, you can’t afford to cut corners.

That’s where Laika Digital comes in.

Our websites start at just £1295 while still incorporating beautiful, responsive design and complete usability.

Not only do we create memorable websites that are unique and user-friendly, but we also ensure that these website work hard for your business. User experience and search engine optimisation are always at the heart of the websites we create.

Looking to get started? Call us on  01604 300 055 or email us at ryan@laikadigital.co.uk to find out more
Web Design Kettering

Sustainable Managed Hosting

At Laika Digital Web Design, we offer a variety of hosting options suitable for every business. From small brochure websites to large e-commerce websites, we have a solution that suits you and your business requirements. 

Our servers are UK-based and regularly maintained to a high standard. We go above and beyond our competitors by not only offering quality hosting, but also the management that goes with it so you can set your mind at rest knowing that your site will be up and running every single day. 

Not only that but we provide monthly backups as standard. Meaning that we will always have a saved copy of your website if you ever need it. We also offer daily backups, uptime monitoring and more as part of our Website Maintenance service. 

The downside of hosting a website is that hosting websites requires a server running 24/7. This process can use a lot of electricity which is used to power the central hardware, run the processors and storage, as well as to cool the servers. Unfortunately this is all a necessary process. But we can do something to help offset the carbon emissions produced from hosting a website. Laika Digital will plant a tree for every new client onboarded, and we will continue to plant 1 new tree for every year that a website is hosted with us. Small efforts make a difference!

Website Hosting

From £12 per month

Lead generation

We firmly believe that your new website should be a constant source of lead generation for your business.

After our initial discussion, we will make recommendations on the best way to ethically capture your prospective customers’ contact details via your website. This will leave you with a list of qualified prospects to follow up with as you see fit.

To discuss your company’s new website, call us on 01604 300 055 or email ryan@laikadigital.co.uk

Looking to get started? Call us on  01604 300 055 or email us at ryan@laikadigital.co.uk to find out more


Once your final payment has been made and your new website is live, additional changes are charged at a rate of £40 per hour.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. There are an estimated 1.3 billion WordPress websites out in the wild.

This is a good thing, because all of those websites means that there is a lot of support out there. There are hundreds of thousands of plug-ins – both free and premium – which means getting new features on your website isn’t as expensive as it might be if you were developing that functionality from scratch.

We’re WordPress experts and have been using WordPress as our primary CMS for more than 10 years. 

WordPress.org is the blogging platform that is popular with bloggers worldwide. WordPress.com – which is what we use for our websites – is where you can download the open-source WordPress CMS.

CMS stands for Content Management System. It’s where you go to make all those minor tweaks and changes to your website, or add blog posts, or update your portfolio. But instead of searching through pages of code to do so, you can jump in and out quickly and easily. Basically, it saves you or your developer a lot of time when making changes – and it will certainly save you a lot of money!

Website Hosting is where your website is stored. Your website will need to be hosted on a public-accessible server in order for people to be able to view it from anywhere in the world. Without hosting, only you would be able to see it.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are protocols for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between individual devices.

Having SSL installed on your website gives your URL the secure padlock icon on browsers such as Google Chrome.

With your website data being encrypted it becomes much more difficult for hackers to intercept data transferred from a user’s device to your website database.

Having an SSL certificate installed means your website will be accessible from https:// instead of http:// This is seen as a positive in the eyes of Google and other Search Engines. Google announced that encrypted websites would be more likely to rank than those without. 

There are hundreds of ways to access a website nowadays. People use a variety of devices from PCs and laptops to tablets and smart phones to access your website.

All of these devices have difference specifications and screen sizes, which means standard website might look different on all of these devices, or even be unusable without significant user input on small devices such as mobiles and small tablets.

Responsive design adjusts your website according to the device it’s being displayed on. This makes it much easier for users to view your website with a good user experience on all of their devices. 

With more people using mobile devices to access the web, it’s become more essential that websites load quickly. People want their information immediately and don’t like to wait.

According to Unbounce, a 100m/s delay in load time could lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.

Although website speed isn’t as important on a brochure website as it might be on an e-commerce website, it’s still essential your website loads as fast as possible so prospects get the best possible experience and don’t go looking elsewhere for information. Google also takes page speed into account when ranking your website. 

Looking to get started? Call us on  01604 300 055 or email us at ryan@laikadigital.co.uk to find out more

Web Design in Northampton

Web Design in Northampton

Laika Digital is a tech-savvy, creative website design team based in Northamptonshire. Ryan, the owner, has more than 10 years experience in the industry. The website design team’s goal is to leverage the potential of internet marketing to boost your success, both on and offline.

You can rest assured that you will always receive top-quality, responsive, lead-driven and Google-friendly web design in Northampton and the surrounding areas.

We don’t just want to do a job for you. During the time we work with you, we aim to build a partnership, which allows us to go beyond the role of service provider, to get to really know your business and create a final product that just makes sense for you. We implement highly customised website design strategies to generate you new leads and boost your conversions.

Here’s a brief overview of the services which we provide. For more information simply click here to contact our team.

Responsive Web Design in Northampton

We’ll help you make a stunning first impression when prospective customers find you online. Laika Digital is your go-to place for an attractive showcase of your products or services, and an intuitive website highlighting the benefits of working with your brand.

Your new website will communicate your brand’s message as the centrepiece of your online presence.

Both our capabilities and responsive web designs will help you to attract more prospects and increase your sales. Your brand’s image will be consistent across the entire range of desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Analysis, Planning, Design & Development

Before we create a first draft of your new website design in Northampton, we’ll spend time with you and your team to fully understand and absorb your brand’s unique sales proposition. This is how we create a website which truly embodies your brand and everything it stands for. It’s this understanding of your business that helps us to communicate an accurate message to your target audience.

Your new website will comprise a user-friendly interface with an effective design which focuses on creating a flawless and streamlined user experience. During the creation process, we implement unique designs that always have SEO at the forefront. And, before we show you the final product and launch your website, our team will carry out rigorous tests to make sure it meets our high standards as well as your requirements.

Lead-Driven and Google Friendly Web Design

Your site is a powerful online marketing tool. It has the potential to boost your sales to unexpected levels.

The team at Laika Digital will ensure that your website not only attracts and intrigues your target audience, but that it also encourages prospects to sign-up, download or buy your products or services.

We’ll strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality to guarantee that it ranks highly in Google searches. Relevant, informative content will also help towards building and maintaining your brand’s online trust and authority. Put simply, we create Google-friendly sites without compromising their efficiency or aesthetics.

Our team is ready to help you create a stunning and highly effective online presence by offering fully integrated web design solutions. Our services cover the entire supply channel in terms of web design, such as analysis, planning, design engineering, launch and maintenance services.


So, if you own a business in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering or Northamptonshire, and you want to take your online presence to the next level, we’re here and ready to help. Let us help your business achieve its goals. Contact us today to find out more.